Toppings To Accentuate Any Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Spice up Your Grilled Cheese with Different Toppings

Grilled cheese is a classic, American meal. Warm, toasted bread and melting cheese combine to create a treat for the taste buds that take most people back to their childhood. A quick meal, it goes great with all kinds of soups. Like many basic dishes, there are ways to dress up grilled cheese. Topping for grilled cheese give these sandwiches a different flavor that you will truly fall in love with. Here are some ideas for grilled cheese toppings that you can add the next time you grill up a few sandwiches.


There’s nothing new to the concept of adding meat to your grilled cheese; people have been doing it for ages. The reason so many people do it is because it’s fantastic. Add a slice or two of meat between two slices of cheese and you will have a melt in your mouth sandwich that covers the dairy and protein food groups!

Tomatoes, Avocadoes, Onions

Cheese, tomatoes, butter and bread; what more could you want? Toppings for your grilled cheese can come fresh from the garden. Onions can be added for some kick and a delicious crunch. Avocado lovers will rush to the kitchen to try out their favorite snack as a topping for grilled cheese.


Perhaps it falls into the meat category, but bacon does deserve its own spotlight. As toppings for grilled cheese go, bacon must be on the top of the list. The crunch and flavor blend with the cheese for a sandwich that begs to be made again.

Get Creative with the Cheese

Some of the best toppings for grilled cheese sandwiches are simply different types of cheese. Classic American is a traditional stand-by, but cheddar gives the sandwich more flavor. For an exotic flair and a magnificent taste, try some goat cheese. Spicy pepper jack cheese is also a popular choice, or you can make your kids cry for more by choosing mozzarella cheese.

However you choose to top your grilled cheese sandwich, it’s sure to be delicious. Another variation is to use mayonnaise on the inside of the sandwich for some extra tang. For added pizzazz, try grilling your sandwich in a mixture of butter and parmesan cheese for a refined, dignified flavor that you will love. Whatever you put on your grilled cheese sandwich, you are sure to enjoy it.