Making A Healthy Grilled Cheese Sandwich Is Easy

Everyone loves grilled cheese sandwiches! But the two main ingredients, bread and cheese, aren’t exactly considered the healthiest foods. Additionally, wise preparation is very important when it comes to making a healthy grilled cheese that is easy on your waistline. Here are some tips for making a delicious, low calorie, healthy grilled cheese sandwich:

1. Start with a Healthy Bread ~ Traditionally, grilled cheese sandwiches are made with white bread. Instead, use whole wheat bread or one that is made with whole grains, such as stone-ground bread.

2. Choice of Cheese ~ Instead of using the typical American cheese, try a reduced 2% fat American cheese. Other good varieties that make a great grilled cheese sandwich are low fat mozzarella or low fat Swiss cheese. Regular goat cheese is naturally low in fat and can be used as well. Just remember that a fat free cheese won’t melt properly.

3. Preparation ~ Instead of melting butter and frying your grilled cheese sandwich, reduce the fat and calorie content by lightly spraying each side of your sandwich with an olive oil or canola oil cooking spray before placing in the pan or on the grill. This will give it great flavor as well as a nice, toasted texture. A low-fat margarine used in moderation will give the same results.

A healthy grilled recipe for sandwiches is a must for a guilt-free, delicious lunch or dinner. Serve your sandwiches alongside a bowl of soup, salad, or fresh fruit and you will have an easy and healthy meal your family will love.