Five Popular Grilled Cheese Sides

Few side dishes can truly compliment a grilled cheese sandwich. From tomato soup to applesauce, here are a few popular grilled cheese sides to choose between.

  1. Tomato soup ~ Grilled cheese sandwiches are already delicious by themselves, yet when you add a fresh bowl of steaming hot tomato soup to the mix, things get pretty interesting. To get the maximum appeal or taste from the tomato soup, consider dipping the sandwich into the soup and letting it sit for a few seconds. As soon as you dip the sandwich into the soup, the tomato juice will absorb itself into the sandwich. Don’t let the sandwich sit too long in the tomato soup, especially if the soup is steaming hot, or it will quickly dissolve.
  2. Chicken noodle soup ~ If you’re not too fond of tomato soup, try chicken noodle soup instead. Few grilled cheese sides provide a warm and fresh feel to a meal as chicken noodle soup. This side dish is perfect to serve with the sandwich in the summer, yet it’s more appetizing if it’s served alongside the sandwich during the winter.
  3. Fries ~ Few grilled cheese side dishes are as popular or as well-known as fries. From curly fries to hot fries, fries, no matter how they’re shaped or how they’re flavored, are easily one of the best side dishes to grilled cheese sandwiches.
  4. Chili ~ Few things are more appealing than hot, melting cheese and chili. Since the main ingredient in a grilled cheese sandwich is cheese, it makes perfect sense that chili would make the perfect side dish. If possible, try to request chili that is steaming hot, so that when you dip your grilled cheese sandwich into the chili, the cheese inside the sandwich melts at a substantial pace.
  5. Applesauce ~ Applesauce is an unusual side dish, yet it is easily one of the most delicious and nutritious grill cheese side dishes. If possible, try to use brown cinnamon applesauce as it tastes richer.

Any of these suggestions will go well with a grilled cheese sandwich as a side dish making it the perfect meal on a budget or just the perfect meal that’s easy to make.