Five Fancy Grilled Cheese Recipes

Grilled cheese and tomato soup is known as a wintertime favorite, but gourmet grilled cheese is a much more satisfying and fulfilling alternative to the classic. The five following gourmet grilled cheese recipes will quickly become favorites for any time of year.

  • Garden Variety

Instead of using sliced bread for this one, use a ciabatta roll with four slices of cheese, two Colby Jack and two Pepper Jack. Add spicy Dijon mustard to give the sandwich a kick. The slices of avocado and roasted red pepper or handful of sprouts won’t make this fancy grilled cheese a favorite with the kids, but it is an interesting take on the classic grilled cheese for a vegetable lover.

  • Breakfast Cheese

For this one, start with a buttermilk biscuit and two pieces of sharp cheddar along with four slices of hickory-smoked bacon. To give it a little something extra and set it aside from other meat and cheese fancy grilled cheese sandwiches, add hash browns and ketchup.

  • Campground Grilled Cheese

Use two pieces of sliced rye toast, two pieces of havarti cheese and two thin slices of ham for this gourmet grilled cheese recipe closest to the traditional. To make this one a favorite for the kids, add potato chips inside the sandwich.

  • Vegan Alternative

Start with two slices of multigrain bread, soy cheese and soy bacon. Grill two slices of portabella mushrooms and add some vegan garlic aioli made from garlic cloves and vegan mayonnaise.

  • Fruit Friendly

Use sourdough toast, two pieces of fontina cheese, four thin slices of turkey breast and four pieces of bacon. Add four thin slices of granny smith apple and a half cup of dried cherries or cranberries for a healthy and fun fancy grilled cheese alternative.

While these gourmet grilled cheese recipes require more ingredients than the classic, they are just as easy to make and just as delicious.